Very Effective for a Corporate Wellness Program


Our company looked into hiring a San Diego chiropractor as part of a comprehensive corporate wellness program. We as a company are always looking for ways to improve our bottom line, and the health of our employees is at the top of the list. Obviously, we are deeply committed to ensuring that all of the people who work with us have access to excellent health care, but we want to be smart about that access too. With rising costs, it’s easy to create a bottomless money pit that could quickly eat up most of our profits.

We want our workers to be healthy, but health is more easily achieved through preventative measures. That’s why we looked into hiring an on site chiropractor. Considering many of our employees are engaged in physical labor, a chiropractor just makes sense. Having one available during working hours means less work related injuries or, in many cases, immediate care for those who have pulled muscles or strained their backs. The chiropractor can assess their injury within minutes and determine whether further medical care is needed. In many cases we have found that the chiropractor can fix the employee’s injury without requiring a trip to the emergency room.

We got the idea to look into this wellness program through a conference I attended last year. The idea of having a chiropractor on site was so obviously an excellent thought that I couldn’t believe no one had thought of it before. We are in the beginning stages of setting up our wellness program and I think it is going to pay off big time. The bosses seem enthusiastic as well since they can see the potential savings this program could have on the business budget. If everything goes well, we will look into expanding the program into other areas of personal health.