I Didn’t Want to Lose One of the Things That Made Me So Happy


About 10 years ago, I stumbled across a group of hoopers at a public park during a festival. I was mesmerized while watching all the amazing things they could do with hula hoops. I was at the festival until late that evening, and when the sun went down, the hoopers used LED hoops that glowed and twirled in the dark. I wanted to learn how and am now very experienced at it. But I’m older now and have a lot of pain, so I wanted to see if a Bakersfield chiropractor could help me get back to the hooping life again.

I’ve always had struggle with sticking to much of anything. I get extremely excited when I learn and try new things. I’m lucky if I make it six months before I get a little bored when the next best thing comes along. I do this with hobbies, work or just about whatever else is going on in my life. The only two things that I have really stuck with are reading and hooping. I guess that I never get bored with reading because every new book that I read is different and keeps me entertained in countless ways. And with hooping, there is always a new trick to learn and new products to try out that will help you to get better. So, I really did not want to have to stop doing the latter due to pain that didn’t want to go away.

I never knew that you could do some of the things you can do with a hoop. And it really helps people to lose weight in a fun way that does not even feel like exercising. I bought an expensive hoop right before my back pain started up. I only got to use it once prior to that. Seeing a chiropractor solved my problem and I’m back to doing what I like best again.